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Articles about Concordia-Portland Closing

Friends in Circuits 4 & 19, In our usual Tuesday morning coffee conversation, a number of us were discussing the tragic case of Concordia University Portland’s impending closure. In connection with that conversation, I mentioned several articles I’ve found which seem to put this in a bit of a larger context. I commend them to… Continue reading Articles about Concordia-Portland Closing


+Art Scherer+

Just received word that Hank Scherer’s brother Art, President emeritus for the Southeastern District, was transferred to the Kingdom of glory this past Friday. Given Hank’s leadership among us, I thought you may help to get this word out. Walt Tietjen


Sisterhood: Bearing One Another’s Burdens With Joy

Friends, Holy Cross in Rocklin and Grace in Grass Valley are co-hosting a women’s retreat on Saturday, October 19. It is titled, Sisterhood: Bearing One Another’s Burden’s With Joy, and will be led by noted author and speaker, Katie Schuermann. Katie is the author of the Anthems of Zion series at Concordia Publishing House, He… Continue reading Sisterhood: Bearing One Another’s Burdens With Joy