Tentative Schedule for 2018-19

This is the tentative schedule for 2018-19. I have not added topics, etc., yet. If you haveany suggestions or ideas for topics for this coming year, please contact me or leave a comment on this page:

DATE Location Divine Service Text Study Topic
Sept. 9-11

Meyers Retreat

October 8-9, 2018

Pastor’s Conference, Reno, NV

November 6, 2018 Light of the Valley, Elk Grove Reed Stephens

Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work, by Eugene Petersen — Introduction (x-22) PEPERKORN

December 4, 2018 Messiah, Citrus Heights Stephens Hochgrebe

1. The Pastoral Work of Prayer-Directing: Song of Songs (23-72) 


January 8, 2019 Mt. Olive, Folsom Hochgrebe Peters

2. The Pastor Work of Story-Making: Ruth (73-112) 


February 5, 2019 Peace, Natomas Peters Cussan

3. The Pastoral Work of Pain-Sharing: Lamentations (113-148) 


March 5, 2019 St. Matthew, Rocklin Cussan Flynn

4. The Pastoral Work of Nay-Saying: Ecclesiastes (149-190) 


April 2, 2019 St. Paul’s, Auburn Poganski Harding

5. The Pastoral Work of Community-Building: Esther (191-238) 


May 7, 2019 St. Paul’s, Woodland Harding Whoever is at Town & Country

Pre-Synod Convention Conversation, Workbook (if it is out), elections, etc.

July 20-25, 2019

Synod Convention in Tampa, Florida

Here is the Schedule in PDF: 2018-19 circuit schedule

For our study this year I thought it would be worthwhile to re-read a classic. Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work was written by Eugene Peterson in 1980, and has been reprinted numerous times over the years. You probably read that Eugene Peterson passed away recently. You can find it at Amazon by CLICKING HERE. Because this is a little bit short notice, we’ll just do some introductory work on November 6.

My intention is to assign various people to lead the discussion each month. We will do that at Winkel.


2019 Meyers Retreat — September 8-10, 2019