North State Ecumenical Conference

[This is from Stephen Becker at Greenhaven. Please speak with him about it at Winkel next week, April 4, when we are at First in Placerville. -Peperkorn]

For the past three years I have represented our DP, Dr. Newton, with the North State Ecumenical Conference (www.nsec.org ), primarily for informal, unofficial ecumenical roundtable discussions in order to maintain communication with the other Christian denominations of our area.  Moreover, I serve them also as their Treasurer.

But, because of my new chaplaincy work with the Army National Guard, I have Dr. Newton’s permission to resign from the work with the NSEC.  However, Dr. Newton did ask if perhaps there would be a pastor in our bi-circuits that perhaps might be interested in being his representative.  The NSEC meets about four to five times a year in Sacramento (lately it has been in the conference room of the Sacramento RC Diocese offices).

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