Do We Matter? Culture, Sexuality and the Church in an Age of Too Much Information

Join us for a day of reflection about what it means to be the Christian Church in an age of too much information. We we cover topics including culture and modernity, virtue, the family and sexuality, mission in the twenty-first century, and more. Lunch will be provided for all attendees.


+Wilbur Pullmann+ Graveside and Memorial Services

Hi All, Last Sunday, July 31st,  the Lord received Wilbur Pullmann into his eternal kingdom and granted him the peace and rest of the gospel of Jesus which Wilbur had faithfully received throughout his life, beginning in the waters of Holy Baptism.   Wilbur's service arrangements are as follows: Graveside service (open to all)  at… Continue reading +Wilbur Pullmann+ Graveside and Memorial Services