Fall Circuit Retreat · Seminar

Last Minute stuff for the weekend


We have a couple important events taking place here in Circuits 4 & 19 this weekend.

The first is the Saturday seminar, Do We Matter? Culture, Sexuality and the Church in the Age of Too Much Information. This event is co-hosted by Trinity, Sacramento and Holy Cross, Rocklin. The speakers are Drs. Harold Senkbeil and Lucas Woodford. This event is designed for laity, and we particularly crafted it to help conversations in congregations as our cultural landscape is shifting (disintegrating?) all around us. You may find out more about it by CLICKING HERE.

The second is our fall pastor’s retreat. By the last reckoning, this retreat has been going on for over fifty years in our bi-circuit. That’s a long time, and a great opportunity for us to charge up, hold one another up, and prepare for the year ahead. I, for one, have really come to value that time. It isn’t always easy to get away, but I have never regretted attending.

As of right now (Friday morning), we have the following people attending:

Russ Hess
Todd Peperkorn
Kent Schaaf
Jason Bredeson
Matt Peters
Phil Tesch
Dave Hardin
Kevin Foley
John-Paul Meyer
Alan Sommer
Robert Jones
Ryan Hochgrebe

I have heard no answers from:
Standley, Tietjen, Hermann, Fickenscher, Pevy (new vicar @Faith)

That leaves quite a few people I haven’t heard from at all. If any of you would like to reach out to Jay, Brad, Alan, Dave, or anyone else whom I’m forgetting, I would sure appreciate it.

The cabins will be open by 4 p.m. We are eating AT THE CABINS Sunday night at 6:30, with our first presentation that evening. Any other questions, ask me, Kent or Jason.

Thanks again, brothers, and I look forward to seeing all of you!


PS It is still slightly unclear on whether we will have a district representative there, or how much time circuit stuff will take on Tuesday morning. If we have time, I will lead a text study on the readings for Sept. 24.

PPS If you need the registration materials, you may find it by CLICKING HERE.

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