Prayers Requested


I just got the following email from Robert Jones:

“Can you send out a circuit wide prayer request for the Sommer family? Alan just came in and told us that PET scan for Beth showed that she several other cancerous areas in her body which means that the diagnosis is now multiple myeloma instead of just the one area. They don’t know too much at the moment, but are simply asking for prayers from the brothers.”

So please pray for Beth and Alan.

Secondly, I have a parishoner named Kristina. She is eleven. She is currently in need of a kidney transplant, as her kidneys are failing. The following is the web page at our church’s site for her:

Kristina’s Web Page at Holy Cross

Please feel free to share this as you see fit, pray for her and her family, etc.

Our next winkel is in March at Greenhaven. I’ll send a note out about that as we get closer.

-Todd Peperkorn

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