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Circuit Letter to Pres. Newton & Response

Friends of Circuits 4 & 19,

At our Winkel last Tuesday (May 1), we agreed to send a letter to President Newton, indicating our concern that the candidates would not be given time to address the convention on the day of the convention. Further, several expressed concern that Rev. Lange would be giving his Mission report prior to the presidential election on Friday afternoon. I sent said letter to President Newton on Friday of last week. This afternoon all of the delegates received the email from President Newton, listed below in PDF. He has not replied to me directly concerning our correspondence, but he does answer at least one of our questions in his email to all the delegates. The presidential nominees will not be given time to address the convention on Friday before the election. There is no mention of Rev. Lange’s Mission report.

I have attached both our letter and President Newton’s email to the delegates at the bottom of this post.

Both circuit visitors (Meyer & Scherer) read and concurred with the letter before I sent it on Friday.

I pray God’s richest blessings upon you all, and upon our district, as we prepare for the next chapter of our Lord’s work in our midst here. In the meantime, I remain

Yours in Christ

Todd Peperkorn

Circuits 4 & 19 Program Director

Attachments in PDF:

Letter to Robert Newton on 2018-05-04 from Circuits 4 & 19

Convention Reminders email from President Newton on 2018-05-07


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