Fall Circuit Retreat

Update on Draft of Schdule & Meyers Retreat


You will find below the second draft of our Winkel schedule for 2018-19. Please note a couple things. First, I don’t have a Winkel scheduled for October. Pastor’s conference is in early October, so that will have to suffice.

Second, I swapped Woodland & Auburn in April & May. Dave said he couldn’t easily do Winkel at St. Paul in May.

I am getting close to finalizing the materials for our Meyers Reteat. Matt Peters has agreed to serve as Secretary/Treasurer for the bi-circuit, so now it’s just getting the rest of the paperwork together.

Thanks for your help! Expect the retreat info early next week.

In Christ,

Todd Peperkorn

2018-19 circuit schedule

4 thoughts on “Update on Draft of Schdule & Meyers Retreat

  1. Hey, bros. My chances to attend this year’s retreat is iffy–undergoing “the knife” for hernia surgery next week. Have a great time and don’t snore too loud!


  2. Brothers,
    I will not be able to join you all for the Meyers retreat. I will be the Holy City for Secretary training. I’m hoping I can get it right this term

  3. Brothers, I also will not be with you at the retreat. I will be attending Secretary training in the Holy City trying to finally get it right this time around.

  4. I, too, will not be able to attend the retreat. I’m on-call with the UCDMC hospital Bioethics committee, 24/7, September 10-16. Paul

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