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From Bob Visser’s Daughter

[This is a note from Bob Visser’s daughter. -TAP]

Pastor Flynn,

Thank you for sending out an e-mail to all the pastors. There are four other pastors that I think should be contacted.  If you have a way of contacting them, could you do that for me/  There are Pastor Mark Haas in Placerville, Paster Pergansky in Auburn, Dave Kretzmann and  Pastor John-Paul Meyer in Rocklin.  Perhaps these people have heard the news from those on your first list, but I don’t know,

Also I would appreciate if you could send a 2nd e-mail to everyone.  We now realize that my dad is more aware than was first thought.  He can’t speak but he can see and hear.  and is able to use his right arm.  and responds by squeezing his hand.  We have been having friends and family be with him constantly to be sure he is comfortable and to talk, read to him and play hymns.  If any one wants to visit,they are welcome.  He is at Manor Care in Citrus Heights.It is on Uplands Ave. near the intersection of Sunrise and Madison.

Without food, water, or medication except to keep him comfortable, I’m sure he will be receiving a Christmas present very soon that he has been praying for a long time.

Jan Onishi

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