Heads-Up: Life Line Screenings

Howdy! I understand that a private company, Life Line Screenings, likes to contact churches and ask them to help promote their van for screening events (that way the hosting congregation lends its credibility to the company). You probably don’t want your church to do so as there’s a lot of chatter from places like Harvard Medical School (https://www.health.harvard.edu/newsletter_article/By_the_way_doctor_Should_I_be_tested_at_Life_Line_Screening) indicating that it’s medically and financially shady. They recommend just seeing your primary care physician instead, indicating that the screenings and pretty pictures they offer probably won’t be accepted by actual doctors.

Full disclosure: Zion has been hosting them every year for years on end, but a new member has helped point out reasons to be concerned and we are no longer promoting it.

Do any of you have any other perspective to offer on this?

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