From Pr. Brady in Dublin

From Pastor Brady in Dublin:

Dear fellow-workers in the harvest,

Hi, pastors in circuit #4 & 19.  This is Brady Blasdel, pastor of St. Philip Lutheran in Dublin, CA.  I’m reaching out to you with interesting news about a joint LHM / Barna Group workshop in Circuit #7 coming to our area.  Here’s a brief 1-minute video about how to have healthy Spiritual Conversations.  It’s hosted on Vimeo, which means you can download it directly, if you like:

Lutheran Hour Ministries is bringing in two top-notch speakers, along with great data from Barna and helpful resources.  Here’s the page on the LHM website where you can learn more or even register:

This is also endorsed and highly encouraged by the CNH District, also.  FYI:

If you think this is useful, please publicize this in print or digitally however you see fit.  And if you have any thoughts or questions about this great opportunity, please REPLY ALL to our planning team leaders Philip Kohlmeyer and Tim Roggow and let us know how we can better serve you and your members.

Serving Christ with you,

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