Multiethnic Symposium

It may be difficult to break away for this, but I couldn’t help but note that this year’s Multiethnic Symposium looks especially intriguing with a phenomenal keynote speaker and some great breakout session titles: https://www.csl.edu/resources/continuing-education/multiethnic-symposium/ It will sadly conflict with our May winkel, but the content and conversations happening in St. Louis should benefit our… Continue reading Multiethnic Symposium

Concordia University System (CUS)

Articles about Concordia-Portland Closing

Friends in Circuits 4 & 19, In our usual Tuesday morning coffee conversation, a number of us were discussing the tragic case of Concordia University Portland’s impending closure. In connection with that conversation, I mentioned several articles I’ve found which seem to put this in a bit of a larger context. I commend them to… Continue reading Articles about Concordia-Portland Closing