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Note about Possible Synod Convention Delay


Greetings to you this Advent season! As you should be aware of by now, the synod is seeking to delay the Synodical Convention by one year to allow for districts to hold their conventions in a less-constrained environment due to the COVID pandemic. California might be the most restrictive state in the country right now when it comes to gathering together in groups, so it isn’t without concern that President Lange reminded us that the synod’s COP unanimously recommended this delay, and that the CNH BOD also decided to push our own convention to the fall of 2021 at the earliest.

We’re sure this is the farthest thing from your minds as we make the final push to prepare for the strangest Christmas we’ve likely ever experienced in our ministries. However, with voting beginning in early January, it is somewhat critical that this stay in our minds.

Again, this is a vote of the congregation, so it must be conducted according to your bylaws, whether it is a voter’s meeting or a vote of your Council or proper Board. We know this adds a wrinkle for us, since most of us aren’t able to gather for even these meetings without significant modifications being made.

Here are a couple links to this from synod sources:

If you are able to do so, please consider encouraging your brothers in other parts of the country to participate in the vote as well. Only 25% of the congregations of the synod (about 1500) need respond, and a majority of those votes decides the matter, so it won’t take too much work for this to be done. However, there is a vocal portion of the synod that sees no need to delay, which could put districts like ours, PSW, and NOW (among others) in a bit of a pinch should the vote fail.

Your Servants Under the Cross,
Rev. Jason Bredeson, Northern Region VP
Rev. Russ Hess, Circuit Visitor, Circuit 4
Rev. Duane Bamsch, Circuit Visitor, Circuit 19

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