September 24 event — Mercy Holistic Ministry

Please consider how you and your congregations can promote this Mercy Holistic Ministry (MHM) event for educating people in beginning to make a difference for people afflicted with homelessness while also raising support for MHM:

  • tell folk this Focus on the Homeless event is September 24th starting 5pm
  • tell them it’s on the campus of Faith Lutheran in Fair Oaks
  • remind people of the increasingly visible problem of homelessness in our community, and stress for them that this is an opportunity to make a difference and to receive basic training in making a difference against homelessness
  • urge them to get their tickets ($10 investment offsetting meal costs in support of MHM) ASAP using the QR code on the materials below OR this link: https://www.mercyholisticministry.org/events/focus-on-the-homeless-educational-fundraising-event-1
    • (if you would like paper tickets to resell, please call Pastor Berhanu (916-949-8863))
  • tell them that you already have your own tickets and are looking forward to it

Options to consider:

  • email the above info and link to your congregation
  • include this in your announcements before/after worship
  • print and insert the flyer with your worship guides on Sunday mornings (or put the key WhoWhatWhenWhereWhyHow in your own format on your own printed materials) to refer to during your announcements
  • put a slide (like the one I have pieced together) below up on your screens
  • print and place the poster at ideal spots on your campuses (I am including a Word doc in which I expanded it onto a 11″x17″ tabloid/ledger-sized sheet if you prefer)
  • find more info and images to enhance your own material at MercyHolisticMinistry.org
  • not finding the kinds of materials that will be helpful for your congregations, conversations, and connections? Reach out to Pastor Berhanu (916-949-8863) to see what MHM might develop for you

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